Why IN-Lightenment not Enlightenment?

We were asked a really great question recently.  


“Why did you call the school IN-Lightenment and not Enlightenment?”


We have over 55 years of combined teaching and mentoring experience in personal development and spirituality.  In setting up the school we wanted to create a container where we could pour all that wisdom into and share it with others.


“The Age of Enlightenment was an intellectual and philosophical movement that dominated the world of ideas in Europe in from the 17th to 19th centuries.”  It gave priority to reason and rationality and the discovery of truth outside of yourself.


Enlightenment in a spiritual context can mean “giving intellectual or spiritual light to another.”  So in the case of a guru the enlightenment comes from them.


We are not about you seeking your truth from an external authority. 

We are all about helping you to turn within to find your personal truth.  What has had consistent transformational effects and every day real life benefits for us as well as being the reason why we now live a magical life in a medieval hill top village in Italy is Inner Work.  Inner work is a path to IN-lightenment where you discover your truth inside you and that truth is individual to you. 


In a time of so much fake news, where truth is near impossible to find in the outside (exterior) world, inner work is the key to accessing that truth in your inner (interior) world.


So that is why we called the school the IN-Lightenment School.  It is our desire to provide support, resources and classes to help you turn within so that you can discover your truth, your authentic self for yourself.


In this way you will feel empowered and it also changes your life for the better.  Inner work gives you tools for living a more centred, calm, joyous and magical life.  Inner Work helps you to connect with the Light that dwells within you.  It is an ongoing adventure that allows you to journey home to your authentic sacred self.


Ready for some IN-Lightenment?

Our on-line self study and real time courses are designed to support your on your sacred journey home to your authentic self.