Manifesting Masterclass

In this 8 week Manifesting Masterclass you will learn a unique step-by-step process for creating a life in alignment with your Soul.


"Before working with Vincent my life was a mess. There were bits of me everywhere.  Mainly because I didn't really know who I was or what I actually wanted.  Vincent's process and his lovely wisdom gave me self awareness and focus.   I'm not going to say my life now resembles utopia, it's still life, but my way of being in life has changed so much.  I am a calmer, happier person as a result.  And a lot more confident too. I really like myself. I feel I have been given the gift of ME by Vincent and I am very, very grateful for that."

Yvonne Lalor
Health Assistant

Manifesting Masterclass

During the 8 weeks you will:

  • Learn the principles of multi-dimensional manifesting.
  • Develop a relationship with your Inner Guidance System.
  • Get access to the easy-to-follow Map for manifesting that I teach my mentoring clients. I’ve developed this map based on shamanism and quantum physics and I’ll teach you how to apply it to your day to day life.
  • Master how to overcome obstacles including self sabotage and resistance if and when they appear.
  • Learn a simple structure for getting things done so that your manifestation becomes a reality.  There is more to manifesting than affirmations and vision boards, you need to ground the energy.  I show you how.
  • Expand your manifesting bandwidth.
  • Learn a step by step process to create a life that is in authentic alignment with your Soul.

I am really passionate about this class because the steps I've developed and that I'm teaching have not only changed my life for the better but the lives of my clients, and they can change your life too.


  • Fast tracking your manifesting process.
  • Achieving results.
  • Gaining a whole new level of clarity and confidence.
  • Creating a magical life in alignment with your Authentic Self where you can share your gifts with the world.


This is a Masterclass because you will be learning to manifest at a whole new level.  

These 8 weeks are a multidimensional adventure in creating a life that is in alignment with your Soul.


"I can’t thank you enough! This is definitely going to help me get my ideas and passions off of the paper or out of my head and into physical form. Working with you was enlightening and empowering. It gave me a new sense of inner confidence that birthed a deep clarity, offering internal confirmation. Magical tools and powerful insights on my adventure to unveil and unleash my most authentic self."

Niomi Daley MBE
Singer-songwriter & Social Entrepreneur

Manifesting Masterclass

What's Included?

Eight IN-Lightening Modules

Instant access to the on-line Manifesting Masterclass classroom.

Eight IN-Lightening Modules complete with video lessons and accompanying worksheets.

You will be guided through a unique step-by-step process for achieving Manifesting Mastery.

Email Support as required from Facilitator, Vincent McMahon

6 months unlimited access to all the course materials. 

Deep INsights where You will:

Get crystal clear clarity about the life experience you REALLY want.

Learn a Map for Manifesting based on shamanism and quantum physics.

Access tools for overcoming obstacles and resistance.

Learn how to access your Inner Guidance System for step by step guidance on the steps you need to take.

Learn how to co-create with Spirit by your side and manifest a life in alignment with your Soul.

And much more!

Your Mastery Commitment

Time to watch the videos and do the worksheets (approximately 60 mins a week for 8 weeks)

An internet connection and a device on which to watch the videos.

An open and curious mind.

A notebook / journal.

This process works but only if you commit to it and do the steps fully!

€275 for all 8 modules including videos, worksheets and email support.


"I needed to have greater clarity on how I could break down my vision in the clouds into little steps that did not seem so daunting to myself or those with whom I shared it. Working with Vincent was quite unlike anything I had tried before. I appreciated the fact that it did not solely emphasise on the external and purely logical aspect of things, but also made room for intuition and the spirit. Vincent’s no nonsense, but compassionate approach to self discovery and problem solving is intriguing and refreshing. A nice balance of heart and mind. "

Zanetor Rawlings
Member of Parliament

Vincent McMahon

With over 36 years international teaching experience Vincent's teaching and mentoring style is to inform and empower so that you can take action and see lasting change in your life. 

Vincent knows personally what it’s like to work hard, put in all the hours, get the things (the expensive car, the dream house on 2.5 acres, a wife and children) and still not feel fulfilled.  

Everything changed quickly for Vincent when he learned:

  • That he was really searching for an experience.
  • How to do the ‘inner work’ necessary to get that experience.
  • How to take the action steps to make that experience a reality.

Vincent has studied with shamans, mystics and quantum theorists.  His clients are all creative souls and include Healthcare Professionals, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Psychologists, Politicians, Actors and Recording Artists.   They all want to live their most authentic life and share their gifts with the world.

Professional Qualifications
  • Graduate of the Psychology of Vision Leadership Program.
  • Qualified Field Centre for Consciousness Facilitator.
  • Experienced Shamanic Practitioner
  • Holds a Masters in Healthcare Management.

Vincent McMahon has run a successful consulting business for over 30 years helping individuals and organisations transform and grow.

He is the author and lecturer of the Quantum Consciousness course for the Mind Body Medicine Degree Program at Paramount College in Australia. Vincent is also the author of the book Custodians: The Solution for an Earth in Crisis.

Vincent brings his unique insights and wisdom from the worlds of shamanism, psychology and science to his clients and his courses to bring you a truly enlightening, transformational and joyful experience.


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