The Cauldron

A Sacred Circle where we will meet on the 8 Holy Days throughout the year for personal transformation and growth.

Imagine gathering at regular intervals throughout the year with a circle of wonderful wise women.

A circle where you can stir your wishes and desires into a cauldron and watch them bubble up and materialise.  How would that feel?


I am really excited to invite you to join me for The Cauldron.  An adventure in manifesting, personal alchemy and magic where we will meet on the 8 Holy Days throughout the year.


I am a great believer in the power of a container.  It creates a holding space for raw ingredients to be transformed into something wonderful that can nourish our bodies and our souls.  And when we sit in circle it increases the potentiality of what we can co-create together.


  • So what might you be hungering to put into the cauldron so that it can be transformed?
  • A dream, a wish, yourself?
  • How would it feel to be supported by your fellow journey women on this adventure?
  • Are you ready to reconnect to your inner sacred rhythm?
  • Do you feel called?


We start with Imbolc on Monday February 3rd  


What's Included?

8 Live Calls

Monday 3rd February - Imbolc

Monday 23rd March - Spring Equinox

Monday 4th May - Beltane

Monday June 22nd - Summer Solstice

Monday 3rd August - Lughnasadh

Monday 21st September - Autumn Equinox

Monday 2nd November - Samhain

Monday 21st December - Winter Solstice


Calls will take place at 7.00pm London Time

Calls will be recorded in case you can’t make the live call.

Holy Day Practice

8 Holy Day Practices

In addition to the live calls there will be a unique practice for each Holy Day for you to explore the energies and themes that you are working with.

Each Holy Day practice will include a meditation and a journalling exercise which you can do at your leisure in between the live calls.


Your Commitment

Approximately 90 minutes of your time to participate in the live call or listen to the recording.

An internet connection and a device on which to participate in the calls or watch the recording.

A dedicated notebook / journal for insights and explorations during our journey together.

A curious mind.

An open heart.

A sense of adventure.



Catherine Maguire


Catherine is a shaman, energy medicine practitioner and spiritual mentor.  She is passionate about empowering people to connect to their own inner wisdom so that they can live authentic, harmonious and enchanted lives.


She has been teaching groups and working individually with clients for over 20 years. Her clients come from around the globe (Scandinavia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa and Russia).


Catherine is the author of the book Tending to your Inner Garden, A Woman’s Journey Towards Wholeness.  She was also the author and lecturer for the Energy Medicine course for the Mind Body Medicine Degree Program at Paramount College in Australia.


We live in challenging times but Catherine believes that the way through - is in.  If we can turn inwards and do the inner work necessary that allows us to come into harmony with ourselves, our fellow humans and the earth, we can be in-lightened conduits for change in the world.




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