Sneak Peak

A sneak peak from Module 3 of Embracing Your Inner Gold.


Embracing your

Inner Gold

Your Inner Gold is the deepest expression

of your most Authentic Self.


Are you ready to Embrace it?


What is your Inner Gold?

Your Inner Gold is your Divinity, your Gifts, and your Inner Light.

Is the deepest expression of your most Authentic Self.

It is your Best Self.

And for many of us embracing it fully and sharing it with the world is hard.


Why is hard to share your Inner Gold with the world?

Because a long time ago when you showed your full luminous golden light you were hurt, shamed or made to feel ‘less than’.  So you dialed down the volume on your inner gold or hid it away for safe keeping.

But now more than ever the world needs you to embrace your Inner Gold and shine your Light in the world.

Now more than ever the world needs you to be authentically and wholeheartedly YOU.


Join us for this 'Embracing Your Inner Gold'

mini-course.  Start Date: June 17th, 2020


Where you will learn a 3 Step Process to:


Unravel the Wounding 

  • Bring the source of your wounding into your awareness.
  • Find out why you hid or turned down the volume on your Inner Gold?
  • Be held tenderly in unconditional love by a Medicine Woman as you  unravel the wounding.


Make Space for Healing

  • Learn about shame and how it relates to your original wounding.
  • Discover the 7 Types of Shame.
  • Experience a powerful practice to release the shame that is blocking you from accessing Inner Gold.


Receive the Boon

  • Go on a shamanic journey to connect to and embrace your Inner Gold.
  • Meet the Guardian of your Gold who will help you install new boundaries to care for your gold. 
  • Visit the Council of Elders to learn how your inner gold could be of service to the earth community.
  • Learn how you can integrate your Inner Gold so that you can be your radiant authentic self.


This is beautiful and transformational work.

We invite you to join us.

Start Date: June 17th, 2020


"Some of the most powerful work I've done in my life has been with Catherine & Vincent. I'll never forget either of them for it."

Pam Roche - Counseller

Embracing Your Inner Gold

What's Included?

Full Access

Access to the on-line Embracing Your Inner Gold classroom.

3 IN-Lightening Modules complete with video lessons, guided practices and accompanying PDF's.

Email Support as required from your Facilitators.

6 month access to all the course materials.

A Powerful 3 Step Process

For removing limiting blocks so you can be your authentic self and share your gifts with the world.

You will:

- Unravel the Wounding

- Make Space for Healing

- Receive the Boon

These processes will help you step into your Personal Power in whole new ways.


"“Extraordinarily, for an online course, I feel held in compassion and caring each time I engage with it. I wouldn't have thought this possible in a 'remote' space.”"

Avril Erskine

Your Facilitators

Catherine Maguire & Vincent McMahon

Catherine and Vincent are the Directors of the IN-Lightenement School.  

They are passionate about guiding people home to their authentic self so that they can shine their INner-Light and share their gifts with the world.

They have both trained extensively in shamanism, tantra, energy medicine and psychology.  To their classes they bring their depth of wisdom, over 55 years of combined teaching experience and a deep love for the power of personal transformation.

Vincent is the author of Custodians; A solution for an earth in crisis and Catherine is the author of Tending to your Inner Garden, A Woman's guide towards Wholeness.

Originally from Ireland they now live in the mountains of southern Italy.  Surrounded by the richness, wildness and abundance of nature they feel nurtured and supported in being their authentic selves.


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