The Elders Circle




From Magical Child into Conscious Elder

A nine month Rite of Passage


Starts March 7th, 2021


The Program


Module 1 – Enclosure
·         The role of an Elder
·         Resistance to Eldership
·         A sense of Belonging and being an Edgewalker
·         The difference between ritual and ceremony


Module 2 – Metamorphosis
·         Creating a Rite of Passage
·         Claiming your wisdom and unique gifts
·         Holding the tension of opposites
·         Transition in Conscious Eldership


Module 3 – Emergence 
·         Embodiment of Eldership
·         Aligning to your Vision
·         Stepping out into the world as an Elder
·         Fulfillment through sharing your gifts


  • A monthly live class (9 x 2.5 hours)
  • A weekly lesson (video and / or text delivered via email)
  • 3 one to one sessions (one per module) with your facilitators
  • 1 one to one follow up session after the program has been completed
  • Ongoing email support throughout the program
  • A safe and confidential space for personal growth and transformation
  • Support and connection from a like-minded group of peers



Frequently Asked Questions

The Role of the Elder

“Could it be that in the twenty-fifth century, some elder historian is going to be telling stories, where he might say that it came to pass that in the early years of the new millennium a small band of people of different races, from different walks of life, woke up. They looked around and they saw what time it was, and knew how desperate the situation was, and how bad the odds were that they could do the work that needed to be done.

Nevertheless, they said yes to the challenge.

Though we cannot remember their names, we are eternally grateful to them.”

Robert Moore 

Still not sure if you are ready for the Elders Circle?

Contact us to arrange a 30 min (Free) Zoom call to see if the Elders are calling you to step into the Circle.

Your Facilitators

Vincent McMahon

With over 36 years international teaching experience Vincent's teaching style is to inform and empower so that you can take action and see lasting change in your life. 

He has run a successful consulting business for over 30 years helping individuals and organisations transform and grow.

Vincent has studied extensively with shamans, mystics and quantum theorists. He now mentors clients who wish to live their most authentic and joyful life while sharing their gifts with the world.  His clients come from all walks of life and include Healthcare Professionals, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Psychologists, Politicians, Actors and Recording Artists.  

Vincent is a former lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the author and lecturer of the Quantum Consciousness course for the Mind Body Medicine Degree Program at Paramount College in Australia. As well as authoring the book ‘Custodians: The Solution for an Earth in Crisis’, he is an ambassador for the Winam Eragayam tribe of the West Papuan Highlands.

Catherine Maguire

Catherine is a Shaman, Soul Reader, Workshop Facilitator and Spiritual Teacher.  She was born and raised on a farm in Ireland and now lives in the mountains of southern Italy.

Over the past 25 years she have studied with Carmel Robb, Bridín Twist, Maura Clesham, Lynn Berryhill, Alberto Villoldo, Regena Thomashauer and Ma Ananda Sarita.

She has worked with groups and individuals all around the world in places such as Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Australia, North America, Hawaii, Honduras, Argentina and Ghana.  She is also the creator and tutor of the Energy Medicine course for the Mind Body Medicine Degree Program at Paramount College in Australia and is the author of the book ‘Tending to Your Inner Garden, a Woman’s Journey Towards Wholeness’. 

She is passionate about helping you to connect to your inner courage, strength and truth so that you live a life in alignment with your Soul.


Sally, UK

"I loved the combo of the two of you. You're both so allowing, generous, fun, knowledgeable. You created such a warm, comfortable and encouraging space."

Niomi Daly

"Working with you was enlightening and empowering. It gave me a new sense of inner confidence that birthed a deep clarity, offering internal confirmation. 

Magical tools and powerful insights on my adventure to unveil and unleash my most ‘authentic’ self.”

Joe Hall

"Setting forth your vision sounds exciting, but it can be scary too. What if I don't have one?! What if I do have one, but feel I can't achieve it? Vincent made something that could be terrifying a terrific experience. He challenges you but in very good ways. Vincent is a very encouraging, down to earth guy with a disarming, reassuring sense of humour that helps you reach into who you truly are, and enjoy it immensely."

Sally Blake

"The combination of left and right brain insights is what sets this experience apart from other inner journeys I have taken. It's clarifying and empowering to understand the why (Vincent brings this element with his insightful teachings about the pysche), as well as be shown the how (Catherine's guided meditations and other powerful practices) as integrating parts of the whole. It brings everything together in a way that the heart and spirit welcome, but that the mind can accept and support. 

At the start of the course Catherine said to be open to things happening that you never would have imagined, that has happened to me.”

Yvonne Lalor

"I have a new level of self awareness.  I also have a process that really works and it has enabled me to harness this deeper awareness which helps me with a wide variety of challenges in my day-to-day life. And all in a very practical, grounded way."

Paul, Ireland

"I feel I am calmer, less stressed and more understanding around getting stressed, I have more techniques to release stress and reduce stress rather than letting it fester for hours and possibly longer. This too means more tools to deal with my anxiety."

Pam Roche

"Some of the most powerful work I've done in my whole life (and I've done a lot) has been with Catherine & Vincent."

One Payment Option

Full Price: €3,300

Pay €3000 x 1

SAVE €300


Two Payment Option

Full Price: €3,300

Pay €1650 x 2