Searching for Abundance?

Jan 05, 2020

We are led to believe that prosperity and abundance is related to the amount of ‘stuff’ that we have. For me, this is not prosperity; it’s more to do with filling a hole inside ourselves. I’ve had that hole inside me, and I endeavoured to fill it in many ways, including consuming stuff like cars, clothes and, over the years, houses. The hole was a sign of something lacking within me: my self-worth, feeling unloved or unsafe. 


Yes, I needed a house but maybe not the size I bought, the same with the car. The problem is we ask the Earth to pick up the tab for filling this hole. Each resource we consume, from a notepad to the bricks of your house, all come in some way from the earth. Either it was mined, drilled, dug up, logged from or grown on it. Prosperity for me now is clean air, clean water, natural chemical-free food, love and community with family, friends and neighbours.


I have seen people in Mongolia live quite happily in a yurt....

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