Once upon a time in a world very like this one

Jan 20, 2021

Once upon a time in a world very like this one a woman found herself among a circle of ancient standing stones.  As she placed her hand on the stone closest to her and laid her forehead against it she exhaled, deeply, and felt for the first time in a long long time her shoulders begin to relax.


“Welcome”, whispered the stone.  “We have been waiting for you.”


“I didn’t want to come” said the woman, “I’m afraid that what you ask of me is too much.”


“We know”, said the stone, “But is the fear of being here any worse than where you’ve been?”


“I’ve felt so alone”, said the woman, “They said that I’m too sensitive but so much of this world hurts my heart.”


“So what’s the fear?” asked the stone.


“That I’m not strong enough or brave enough for this next part. And it’s safe here...

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Why you should ask yourself this question and how it can change your Life

Oct 07, 2020

Why you should ask yourself this important question, and how it can change your life. A simple question can help you align to your authentic self and change the direction of your life.

Catherine Maguire and Vincent McMahon are the Directors of the Inlightenment School, an on-line school for personal transformation and growth.

Website: https://www.inlightenment.it/

30 Day IN-Lightenment Practice A 30 Day practice for connection to your Intuition and Inner Wisdom https://www.inlightenment.it/products/30-day-in-lightenment-practice

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Make friends with your Inner Critic

Oct 02, 2020

Your Inner Critic can cause you to feel stuck, blocked, fearful or frustrated.  But if you make friends with it, your Inner Critic can become a powerful ally that helps you reach your goals.

In this short video we'll show you how to make friends with your Inner Critic!

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Living a Magical Life

Sep 16, 2020

Last night we had a lovely chat with a friend of ours who lives in the north of Scotland.  It’s been 7 years since we were last sitting at her kitchen table and our conversation circled around to how much life has changed for us all in that time.  


Our brain is an amazing thing but when it comes to dreaming about or envisaging the future it can only go on the past experiences that it has had, or the things it may have witnessed in other peoples lives.  So it can be quite limited in coming up with something completely new.


Seven years ago, if someone had said to Vincent and I that we would be nearly 5 years into living in Italy, a place where we had no family or connections, our brains would have probably exploded with the stress or with the fright.


And yet here we are.  On September 25th it will be 5 years since we left Ireland, our life packed into our car with along with our 2 dogs, Thor and Star.


But when we look back at our...

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What's Your Black Cat?

Sep 14, 2020

We have lots of cats here in Tortorella that roam around the village or bask in the shade of the vegetable gardens on the hotter days.  They come in all different colours, patterns and sizes so it caught my attention when a pure black cat with a very healthy and shiny coat walked by me close to our house a couple of weeks ago.


A week later when I was in the car half way between here and the next village I saw another black cat run across the road jump into the bushes.  This time I was a bit more curios, “That’s twice now I’ve seen a black cat”.


And then yesterday I was down at the coast by the beach (a 30 minute drive from our house) and what appeared beside me? A very healthy looking pure black cat!


It had taken a few attempts but finally it had gotten my full attention.


Images predate text and our use of language.  We saw before we spoke.


So images have a very powerful connection to our psyche, they are in...

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Uncertainty is a Super Power

Sep 09, 2020

This is a time of great uncertainty and that can cause a lot of anxiety, restlessness and fear.  These are perfectly normal responses as part of our psyche really desires certainty. It wants to know where we are going to sleep at night, where and what we are going to eat and how we are going to spend our day etc. Certainty allows us to feel solid in the world.  


However our desire for solidity can cause us to be controlling and this can cause us to have a very limited experience of life.  It can also cause us additional stress when things don’t work out exactly as we had ‘planned’.


But there is another part of our psyche that wants us to broaden and deepen our experience of life so that we can expand into the full radiance of who we truly are.  And to do this, we need to get comfortable with uncertainty.


Uncertainty is the energy of the void, the place where infinite possibility and infinite potentiality exists.  It is...

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Meditation Practice - Connect to your Inner Wise Woman / Man

Aug 25, 2020

This short meditation will take you on a journey where you will meet with your Inner Wise Woman / Man and receive guidance.

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Are You in Service to Someone Else's Dream?

Aug 18, 2020

A dream (the waking, not the sleeping kind), can often feel nebulous and far out ahead of you in the distance.  Something you hope for, long for or have to work really hard to get.


But what if there was a different way to think about your Dream?


- What if your dream was a prompt from your soul, guiding you towards the most authentic version of yourself?


- What if your dream is actually your teacher, providing you with all the lessons you need for personal and spiritual growth?


- And what if you’re not dreaming the dream, what if the dream is dreaming you (the true you) into being?


Yet we often resist the dream.  “I’ll get to it when the kids have grown up, or left home, or when I retire.” Or “when I have enough time, energy, or money.”


We resist because we know that if we follow the promptings of our dream it will bring change and that can feel scary.  “What if I have to leave my...

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Reconnecting with the Sacred

Aug 03, 2020

In our incarnation as humans there was a time long long ago, when we saw the world in which we lived as Sacred.  The earth, the trees, the rivers, the mountains and also each other.


Over time this perspective came to be thought of as ‘primitive’, and everything that had previously been considered sacred was squished into one larger than life deity and propelled into the sky as ‘God’.


Then with the age of Enlightenment there was a further move away from the sacred as we moved from belief to reason and into a time of disenchantment.


This was not necessarily a bad thing as many of our beliefs were unconscious and involved us giving away our authority to external sources such as priests, priestesses, churches, societies and institutions for our connection to the divine.


We were bound up in an often unconscious relationship with Spirit and the Sacred but as we released those bindings we were in many cases cast adrift because we had...

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A Healing Breath

Apr 16, 2020

In the introductory paragraph of my book ‘Custodians: The Solution for an Earth in Crisis’ (2018) I spoke about the Earth needing a Healing Breath’.  I wasn’t to know, that two years later, the pause would happen in the way that it has.


When I was writing the book my thinking was that as Custodians of this beautiful planet, we could consciously give a pause to the Earth after producing and consuming at full tilt for the last 50 years. Our consumption has come at a huge cost to the Earth and its species. 


The main tenet of the book was that as world and business leaders were not going to lead the way, we could as individuals become Custodians of the Earth and thereby consciously slow down and stop the runaway train. 


As Custodians we could live lives more aligned to the Earth and to our true natures. This would help our quality of life and give the Earth that Healing Breath it needs and deserves.


We can now...

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