What's Your Black Cat?

Sep 14, 2020

We have lots of cats here in Tortorella that roam around the village or bask in the shade of the vegetable gardens on the hotter days.  They come in all different colours, patterns and sizes so it caught my attention when a pure black cat with a very healthy and shiny coat walked by me close to our house a couple of weeks ago.


A week later when I was in the car half way between here and the next village I saw another black cat run across the road jump into the bushes.  This time I was a bit more curios, “That’s twice now I’ve seen a black cat”.


And then yesterday I was down at the coast by the beach (a 30 minute drive from our house) and what appeared beside me? A very healthy looking pure black cat!


It had taken a few attempts but finally it had gotten my full attention.


Images predate text and our use of language.  We saw before we spoke.


So images have a very powerful connection to our psyche, they are in fact how our unconscious speaks to us.  Either through images in our dreamtime or in our waking life.


There are two main types of images, signs and symbols.


A sign indicates something; turn right or stop here.


A symbol evokes a feeling; a cross, ying/yang or a swastika for example.


And a symbol that gets your attention and evokes a feeling is an invitation.  It is inviting you to step between worlds into the realm of your unconscious so that you can actively engage with your personal transformation and growth.


The key however is to stay with the FEELING.  Don’t get lost in the realm of your mind trying to analyse it.  The symbol plus the feeling will convey the meaning of what your psyche and your subconscious is trying to tell you.


And a bit like the black cat, it may take a few attempts to get your full attention.


So when I sat with the feeling related to the black cat there was sadness, and as the tears fell I stayed with the sadness and it melted into fear and when I stayed with the fear I arrived at a place of knowing.


I’ve been having a problem with my shoulder.  I’ve been doing exercises and been to a chiropractor but it hasn’t improved.  In that place of knowing I realised that I’ve been trying to ‘fix’ my shoulder in the 3D realm, the realm of muscles and bones where matter is dense.  I was reminded that I have forgotten to use my magic (symbolised by the black cat), to heal my shoulder in 4D, the energetic realm.  And with that I could see a pattern emerge, that when I am fearful I forget to use my magic and try to do things the ‘hard way’.


Afterwards I had a nap and when I woke up some of the pain in my shoulder had dissipated but the lesson and wisdom I had attained remained.


We live in a symbolic and animate realm where you are (if you want to be) in a co-creative relationship with your psyche.  It is constantly prompting you by putting symbols in your path that are specific to you.  Your job is to pay attention, spot the ‘anomaly in the force’, refrain from analysing it and sit patiently and wholeheartedly with the feeling even if its uncomfortable.  Sometimes the understanding may occur in one sitting and sometimes it may evolve over time. Be patient and stay curious.


Remember, a symbol with a feeling has a meaning and that is your psyche guiding you to the next step of your healing and transformational journey.


So our invitation to you as you go through your day and the week ahead is to practice awareness and notice ‘What’s your black cat?’


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