What can Sympathetic Resonance teach us about Abundance?

Jan 06, 2020

The most well-known example of sympathetic resonance

involves a tuning fork. If we strike a tuning fork tuned to note A, it

vibrates at the frequency of note A. If we pass this vibrating tuning

fork over another tuning fork that is also tuned to note A, the second

tuning fork will vibrate even without striking it. The reason is that they

both resonate at the same frequency – in this example, note A.


Another way of saying it is that both tuning forks have a resonance that is

sympathetic to each other. Both tuning forks resonate with each other.

In terms of our planet, the Earth already has resonated at the note

of abundance. Once we give it a healing breath and give it some help,

like planting trees, we begin the process of getting the Earth to

resonate again at a note it already has achieved. We vibrate at

abundance by planting trees and it vibrates back in sympathy with this



Recently, there was a really positive story from England. A

restored derelict coal mine in Leicestershire was replanted over

twenty-five years with trees – just trees. However, seemingly out of

nowhere, much more than trees returned: buzzards, red kites, skylarks,

butterflies, otters, bats and owls (Vidal, 2016). Millions of trees were

planted, and all the creatures already in the abundant resonant field

reappeared once they were given a chance – all in only twenty-five

years. This is amazingly positive.


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