Uncertainty is a Super Power

Sep 09, 2020

This is a time of great uncertainty and that can cause a lot of anxiety, restlessness and fear.  These are perfectly normal responses as part of our psyche really desires certainty. It wants to know where we are going to sleep at night, where and what we are going to eat and how we are going to spend our day etc. Certainty allows us to feel solid in the world.  


However our desire for solidity can cause us to be controlling and this can cause us to have a very limited experience of life.  It can also cause us additional stress when things don’t work out exactly as we had ‘planned’.


But there is another part of our psyche that wants us to broaden and deepen our experience of life so that we can expand into the full radiance of who we truly are.  And to do this, we need to get comfortable with uncertainty.


Uncertainty is the energy of the void, the place where infinite possibility and infinite potentiality exists.  It is the place where new ideas and ways of being are born that are beyond the linear and certain part of our logical mind.


And yet we will often resist the void because it means stepping from the known into the unknown and that can make us feel afraid.  But our psyche knows that we are able for a lot more than we think we are.  It is constantly inviting us to expand and to grow.  It is constantly prompting us to walk on untrodden ground.


We don’t have to live in the land of uncertainty all the time.  But it helps to visit there often!  In this way our psyche gets used to dancing between certain and uncertain worlds and in that way when life presents an ‘unplanned’ challenge we are better able to cope. 


And this is how uncertainty becomes a super power.  Because when we consciously step into the void we enter into a co-creative relationship with the source of all creation, with the very essence of life itself.  We are able to connect to the wisdom, possibility and creativity that exists within the void and it can guide us in our everyday life.


So the next time you are feeling uncertain we invite you to pause and celebrate the moment because you are standing on the threshold of the known and the unknown.  And in that moment you can make a choice, to take one giant step into the expansiveness of who you truly are.


Happy travelling!



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