Today I Maxed Out

Apr 07, 2020



This morning I walked up to the village wearing a mask and I maxed out.


I felt a major counter revolution within myself between Logos and Eros.


Logos being the rational, reasoning part of ourselves. And Eros being our caring, loving and relational part.


In our modern world we have chosen the path of Logos; science and technology are the new gods.


And in choosing the rational reasoned mind and we have pushed aside huge parts of ourselves including the parts where we find:


  • Meaning
  • Relatedness
  • Love
  • Creativity
  • Wholeness


A world solely based on science and technology (the Logos) can only give us another pandemic. 




The rational and reasoning mind implemented through science and technology has been amazingly good at focus and at taking things apart


They break things down into the smallest possible component. For example the cell, the atom, the element etc.


But they forget to look outside at the world which is whole and interconnected.  The tunnel vision of rational and reasoned thinking creates a solution to the current situation which is to break everything down into small components (isolate people / atomise people) and find a vaccine.


The difficulty with this is that a vaccine is only a possible solution for this particular version of the virus.  This thinking only deals with the symptom as opposed to looking whole-istically as to how and why this virus occurred.


And so with rational and reasoned thinking we wait for the next pandemic.  


And in doing so does isolation and mask wearing because the new normal?


Where we end up living in a disconnected and disenchanted world.


Descartes said ‘I think, therefore I am”, well we’re all isolated in our houses, we can think, but we’re not doing a lot of AM-ing!  


I feel the new phrase should be:


“I LOVE, therefore I am”


What I miss is my relatedness.  What I miss is hugging people. What I miss is LIFE and Nature.  And all of these are the bits that we threw away with Descartes. 


I’m not saying we throw out science, it has a place but I am saying that we need Balance.


The time we find ourselves in is a call to Balance, where we live whole-istically with both Logos and Eros so that we have a life rich in meaning and of experiences.  Where we also think creatively and inter-connectedly, where all that we do is based on the foundation stone of love.


Science has given us a world where we wear masks, where nature is sprayed with pesticides and insecticides and where are oceans are flooded with plastics. 


This is not the world in which I want to live.


I want a world of balance, that brings back Eros, love and relatedness so that we can have meaning and nurturance and reverence for spirit. 


Spirit is in everything, it is in nature, it is in a hug and it is in the air that I want to breathe (without a mask). 


This is the world I want for myself, my children, my grandchildren and for generations to come.


I believe this is our time if we choose it, to return to Wholeness and Enchantment.





Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash


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