The Power of the S-T-R-E-T-C-H

Mar 09, 2020

Here on the mountain nature is suggesting that spring might just be on its way.  The days are a little warmer and longer, and new life is starting to emerge from beneath the ground.  This week I saw wild irises and calendula accompanied by swathes of yellow as the mimosa trees burst into bloom.  I love the joy and positivity of spring, it’s a season full of potential and excitement.


I feel that nature is currently the perfect mirror for my own journey these past months.  I’ve been ‘underground’ putting down new roots and now finally I have stretched above the soil.  It’s an exciting and equally vulnerable time.


At the start of the year, Vincent and I launched the IN-Lightenment School.  Some of the ‘underground’ work involved licensing software that could host our on-line courses.  We committed financially to a years licence, paid the invoice and then looked at each other in blind panic “What if this doesn’t work after we’ve handed out all this cash?”


And somewhere in the fear we had to remind ourselves why we’re doing this.  We are so incredibly passionate about the tools and classes we teach, we know they can change peoples lives for the better because they have changed ours.  Committing to the licence meant we were going to have to show up in new ways for what we believe in and embrace the uncomfortableness of the stretch.


This was followed by several days of frustration and frayed tempers because once we had access to the software, we had to learn how to use it.  Somewhere in the middle of a freakout that we had made a huge mistake my hubby said a wise and insightful thing.  “This is 10% about the software and 90% about us being afraid to show up and shine our light in a new way.”  Even though I didn’t want to admit it, he was right.  So we used our tools for moving through resistance and after days of confusion within a couple of hours we’d figured out how to use the software. We were tired but empowered because we had moved through another stretch.


And then the biggest stretch of all.  We had to tell people that we were changing how we worked and that we had created this new thing.  I have always shied away from marketing as has Vince.  We have so many stories around this:

  • I’m naturally introverted.
  • I was raised not to make a scene.
  • I was embarrassed on stage in front of a huge audience as a child.
  • I don’t need to tell people about my work, my clients come via referral.

And on and on the list goes.


So many excuses to stay hidden and play small. 


So it was time for one more stretch.


Which started by asking for help.


We reached out to a friend who is gifted at marketing and asked her to guide us.


We are still in the middle of this stretch.  Exploring what works for us and what doesn’t.  I think this has been the hardest and most vulnerable stretch yet as we meet the tenderness and resistance within ourselves.  But we are learning and we are growing and with each little expansion I am reminded once again of the power of the stretch.


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