Reconnecting with the Sacred

Aug 03, 2020

In our incarnation as humans there was a time long long ago, when we saw the world in which we lived as Sacred.  The earth, the trees, the rivers, the mountains and also each other.


Over time this perspective came to be thought of as ‘primitive’, and everything that had previously been considered sacred was squished into one larger than life deity and propelled into the sky as ‘God’.


Then with the age of Enlightenment there was a further move away from the sacred as we moved from belief to reason and into a time of disenchantment.


This was not necessarily a bad thing as many of our beliefs were unconscious and involved us giving away our authority to external sources such as priests, priestesses, churches, societies and institutions for our connection to the divine.


We were bound up in an often unconscious relationship with Spirit and the Sacred but as we released those bindings we were in many cases cast adrift because we had no longer a connection to anything.  Reason gives us information but it does not give us a sense of connection.


This wouldn’t be a problem except that as humans we crave connection, to ourselves to each other, to the earth and to the greater mysteries of life.


When we lose something we tend to retrace our steps back to the place we lost it.  However we can’t go back to who we were.  We no longer live in tribes and we no longer live in small autonomous communities.  Whether we like it or not we now live in a modern individualised world.  However we are on the cusp of something new.


We have gone from a period of Spirit being everywhere (but we were unconscious), to Spirit being no-where (we became rational and disenchanted), to a time when Spirit can be everywhere (but this time we are in a conscious relationship with it).


The big question for our time if we desire to reconnect with Spirit is:  

Can we move from believing to knowing? 


 Knowing is an individual felt sense that comes from deep within.


It is in the knowing that you take back your personal authority from an outside source and become sovereign in yourself.


And it is in the knowing that the Sacred makes itself known to you, in all sorts of interesting, numinous and grounded ways.


Reconnection with the Sacred is the great calling of our time.  When we reconnect with the Sacred we no longer destroy the Earth, traffic women and children, or think of an ‘other’ as less than ourselves.  Reconnection with the Sacred allows us to see the sacred in everything and treat ourselves, each other and the earth with a deep and heartfelt love and respect.


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