Once upon a time in a world very like this one

Jan 20, 2021

Once upon a time in a world very like this one a woman found herself among a circle of ancient standing stones.  As she placed her hand on the stone closest to her and laid her forehead against it she exhaled, deeply, and felt for the first time in a long long time her shoulders begin to relax.


“Welcome”, whispered the stone.  “We have been waiting for you.”


“I didn’t want to come” said the woman, “I’m afraid that what you ask of me is too much.”


“We know”, said the stone, “But is the fear of being here any worse than where you’ve been?”


“I’ve felt so alone”, said the woman, “They said that I’m too sensitive but so much of this world hurts my heart.”


“So what’s the fear?” asked the stone.


“That I’m not strong enough or brave enough for this next part. And it’s safe here where I am.”


“But are you happy?”


“Happier than I was”, said the woman.


“But not as happy as you could be”, said the stone.


“No” said the woman, shaking her head as the tears began to roll.


“I got so lost trying to fit in with the world, I’ve only recently found myself.  I’m so afraid of losing my way all over again but I know the journeys not over yet.  I’ve felt you calling, asking me to stop hiding and to step out into the world. But what if I can’t do it, what if it all goes wrong?”


“And what if you stay exactly where you are?” said the stone.


“Then I’m still here, all on my own”.


“Exactly” said the stone.


“That’s why we called you” said the stone.  “To introduce you to the others.  To introduce you to the other wisdom keepers and to initiate you on the path.  So will you join us?”


“I’m afraid”, said the woman.


“We know” said the stone.


“But I’m tired of doing it all by myself.”


“There will be challenges” said the stone, “But there will also be comradeship and laughter.  Will you take your place among the Elders?  We have been calling to you for a very long time.”



The Elders Circle is a 9 month program of transformation and initiation in Conscious Eldership.


We begin on March 7th 2021.


Click here to find out more: https://www.inlightenment.it/elders-circle 


Our world desperately needs Initiated Elders.  Men and Women who are guides and role models to provide a centre, a point of light during these times of uncertainty and change.  Men and women who stand with their wings wide open and share their gifts with the world.



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