Living a Magical Life

Sep 16, 2020

Last night we had a lovely chat with a friend of ours who lives in the north of Scotland.  It’s been 7 years since we were last sitting at her kitchen table and our conversation circled around to how much life has changed for us all in that time.  


Our brain is an amazing thing but when it comes to dreaming about or envisaging the future it can only go on the past experiences that it has had, or the things it may have witnessed in other peoples lives.  So it can be quite limited in coming up with something completely new.


Seven years ago, if someone had said to Vincent and I that we would be nearly 5 years into living in Italy, a place where we had no family or connections, our brains would have probably exploded with the stress or with the fright.


And yet here we are.  On September 25th it will be 5 years since we left Ireland, our life packed into our car with along with our 2 dogs, Thor and Star.


But when we look back at our lives there were plenty of clues.


For example when Vincent was 16 he spent a summer in northern Spain.  He fell in love with the food, the news paper stands and with the Spanish style of copy (note) books. There was something about the whole experience that he loved but at 16 years of age he couldn’t quite articulate it.


Articulation is the brains way of trying to make sense of something but to invite magic into our lives we need to instead connect with the feeling of the thing that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  When we connect with the feeling we allow ourselves to hang out in the resonance of the experience that gave us joy.  The more we can stay with that feeling or recall it during the day the stronger that resonance gets.  And as that resonance gets stronger the Universe reaches out towards us with more ways for us to experience that same resonance.  


And this is where the magic happens because the Universe is able to come up with and orchestrate all sorts of interesting ways for us to enjoy more of that feeling.  Ways that are outside the realm of the logical, linear and literal part of our brain.


As a teenager in Spain the feeling that pulled at Vincent’s heartstrings he now understands was that of a Mediterranean way of life.  


It’s really important to stay with the feeling because our brain can lead us astray.  Not intentionally but because it focuses on the known.  “I was in Spain, I felt good in Spain, I’ll move to Spain.”  If we take life too literally we don’t leave space for magic and for something bigger and better to come into our lives.


When we returned to Ireland after visiting our friend in Scotland we had a conversation about possibly living somewhere else and we focused on the feelings that we wanted to experience in our life.


  • We wanted to live somewhere with a Mediterranean climate where we could experience all four seasons.
  • We wanted to eat great tasting food that would nurture and delight our bodies.
  • We wanted to live in a supportive community.
  • And we wanted to live somewhere where the people were connected to the land on which they lived.


When we came up with those feelings we had no earthly idea that we would end up in Italy.  We actually ‘thought’ that we would go somewhere in the English speaking world.  But the more we focused on those feelings, the more the Universe put things in our path to suggest Italy as an option.  Our job was to watch out for the clues and keep putting one foot in front of the other on this newly emerging path, even when we felt challenged or scared or a little bit afraid.


And one of the wonderful things that we have learned from embarking on this journey is that we didn’t have to do all of this on our own.  Because the Universe doesn’t just send clues, hints, synchronicities and signs, it sends all sorts of wonderful helpers to support you.  When you step into a co-creative relationship with the Universe new possibilities present themselves all along the way.  And this is how life becomes magical, when you become a journey man or journey woman with this greater that your brain, infinitely wise and supernatural universal force.


Love to you on this magical adventure!


Catherine & Vincent 


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