Dear Magical Child

Feb 09, 2021

Dear Magical Child

It’s not you

It’s them

You have been doubting yourself for too long


Hold on


Hold on to the belief that the world can be better

Hold on to the knowledge that we live in a world with too much ‘noise’


Hold on


Hold on to your sensitivity, and to your awe and your wonder

Hold on to the song that sings so loudly in your heart


Hold on

To the edges and the imperfections

They are what makes you, you


And hold on to this earth plane

Even on the days when it feels much too hard


I know you can do it

I know you must do it

Because without you we lose the magic

And potential and possibility ceases to exist


Hold on

To your magic

You were never meant to fit in

You are here to discover a different path

And show the rest of us the way


Dear Magical Child


I see you


We need you


Please hold on



© Catherine Maguire


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