Are You in Service to Someone Else's Dream?

Aug 18, 2020

A dream (the waking, not the sleeping kind), can often feel nebulous and far out ahead of you in the distance.  Something you hope for, long for or have to work really hard to get.


But what if there was a different way to think about your Dream?


- What if your dream was a prompt from your soul, guiding you towards the most authentic version of yourself?


- What if your dream is actually your teacher, providing you with all the lessons you need for personal and spiritual growth?


- And what if you’re not dreaming the dream, what if the dream is dreaming you (the true you) into being?


Yet we often resist the dream.  “I’ll get to it when the kids have grown up, or left home, or when I retire.” Or “when I have enough time, energy, or money.”


We resist because we know that if we follow the promptings of our dream it will bring change and that can feel scary.  “What if I have to leave my partner, or my job, or move countries, or sell my house, or lose weight, or get fit?”


So we stay stuck where we are, sometimes hearing but never answering the calling of our dream.


However, there is another path that some of us choose to take.

1. We don’t follow our dream.

2. But we don’t fully resist it either.

3. Instead we pour all of our time and energy into supporting someone else in achieving their dream (boss, partner, kids, family, friends).


And this will work for a while but in time it won’t feel good.


So, do we then drop what we are doing and follow our own dream?


Usually not.


Instead we spend a big ole hunk of our time convincing ourselves that we are doing the right thing.  

“It’s a great opportunity.” 

“My __________ (fill in the blank) needs me.”

“I need to learn more, etc.”  


These are all delaying tactics, and while you delay your energy will run out.  You will get tired, grumpy, resentful and possibly sad because somewhere deep in your being you know (whether you admit it to yourself or not) that you are showing up for everyone else, except yourself.


But all is not lost.


Your dream still whispers and it still waits.  


Sometimes for decades.


But you have to make a choice.


Are you willing to step onto the road less travelled and walk your own path?  


And will you keep putting one foot in front of the other even if you are not 100% sure where you are going?


This is how you commit to your dream.  You start by walking towards it.  You don’t have to take giant Olympian leaps, baby steps will do just fine!


When you finally make and commit to that choice there is an amazing sense of relief.  You might find yourself laughing or crying for no apparent reason, as all of those blocked emotions that have been stagnant in your being finally have a chance to flow through.


And once you commit and start walking towards your dream, an amazing thing happens.  Your dream starts walking towards YOU!


It is no longer this nebulous distant thing way out in the future.  Instead it becomes your journey-man or journey-woman and meets you on the road and guides you along the path.


The mistake we all make is that we think we are doing it all on our own.


We are not.


We are in a co-creative relationship with a much greater force.


A force that wants more than anything for you to be you.


Not a polished and perfect version of you.  But the true you, woundings, warts and all.  Because that’s what it is to be authentic and that’s what it is to be whole.


So instead of being in service to someone else’s dream, is it time to be in service to your own?


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