A Healing Breath

Apr 16, 2020

In the introductory paragraph of my book ‘Custodians: The Solution for an Earth in Crisis’ (2018) I spoke about the Earth needing a Healing Breath’.  I wasn’t to know, that two years later, the pause would happen in the way that it has.


When I was writing the book my thinking was that as Custodians of this beautiful planet, we could consciously give a pause to the Earth after producing and consuming at full tilt for the last 50 years. Our consumption has come at a huge cost to the Earth and its species. 


The main tenet of the book was that as world and business leaders were not going to lead the way, we could as individuals become Custodians of the Earth and thereby consciously slow down and stop the runaway train. 


As Custodians we could live lives more aligned to the Earth and to our true natures. This would help our quality of life and give the Earth that Healing Breath it needs and deserves.


We can now however feel, smell and hear the difference. People are talking about hearing the birds sing, seeing clear skies, chatting and waving to neighbours who they never spoke to, rivers running clear and geologists telling us that the Earth is vibrating less because of less machinery being used.


I am sad that it has happened this way. I live in Italy and we have had many deaths here. My heart goes out to the families of the souls who passed. 


We are now still faced with the choices that we had before this pause. The call is still valid. To become Custodians of the Earth be must first become Custodians of Ourselves.


The key part to being Custodians of Ourselves is being able to dialogue with our Inner World, the 90% unconscious that drives our emotions, beliefs and behaviour. In order to change we need to work with this Inner World that we all have.  This is where we find our authenticity, and this is where we heal our relationship with the Earth.


So the big question is can we become Custodians of Ourselves and live more authentically in harmony with ourselves, each other and nature as we step out of isolation and in doing so finally become Custodians of the Earth?




Custodians: A Solution for an Earth in Crisis, is published by Licosia.


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