"Now more than ever the World needs IN-Lightened Souls who are conduits for Change & Transformation."

Vincent McMahon

With over 36 years international teaching experience Vincent's teaching style is to inform and empower so that you can take action and see lasting change in your life. 

He has run a successful consulting business for over 30 years helping individuals and organisations transform and grow.

Vincent has studied extensively with shamans, mystics and quantum theorists. He now mentors clients who wish to live their most authentic and joyful life while sharing their gifts with the world.  His clients come from all walks of life and include Healthcare Professionals, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Psychologists, Politicians, Actors and Recording Artists.  

Vincent is a former lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the author and lecturer of the Quantum Consciousness course for the Mind Body Medicine Degree Program at Paramount College in Australia. As well as authoring the book ‘Custodians: The Solution for an Earth in Crisis’, he is an ambassador for the Winam Eragayam tribe of the West Papuan Highlands.

Catherine Maguire

Catherine is a Shaman, Soul Reader, Medicine Woman and Workshop Facilitator.  She was born and raised on a farm in Ireland and now lives in the mountains of southern Italy.

Over the past 25 years she have studied with Carmel Robb, Bridín Twist, Maura Clesham, Lynn Berryhill, Alberto Villoldo, Regena Thomashauer and Ma Ananda Sarita.

She has worked with groups and individuals all around the world in places such as Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Australia, North America, Hawaii, Honduras, Argentina and Ghana.  She is also the creator and tutor of the Energy Medicine course for the Mind Body Medicine Degree Program at Paramount College in Australia and is the author of the book ‘Tending to Your Inner Garden, a Woman’s Journey Towards Wholeness’. 

She is passionate about helping you to connect to your inner courage, strength and truth so that you live a life in alignment with your Soul.

Vincent and Catherine

Vincent and Catherine began their journey together teaching workshops that combined psychology, consciousness and shamanism.  And then as happens, life took an interesting turn.  They became a couple.  This became the catalyst for both of them to undertake a huge body of inner work with regard to the sacred masculine, the sacred feminine and living in balance and harmony with the ‘other’.  

To the IN-Lightenment School they bring their vast body of knowledge both from their own individual practices and from their shared journey.  Their courses are designed to offer participants a rich learning experience with tools for deep introspection and inner work.  They offer practical guidance for connecting to your own wisdom so that you can bring lasting and fulfilling change to all aspects of your life.

Originally from Ireland, 4 years ago Catherine and Vincent relocated to a medieval village in the mountains of southern Italy.  When they are not working in the IN-Lightenment School you will find them hiking in the mountains with their dogs Star, and Thor or soaking up the magic that is southern Italian life.


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