30 Day

IN-Lightenment Practice

A 30 Day Practice for connecting deeply  to your Inner Wisdom, your Intuition and your Spirit Helpers, so that you can feel supported and guided in life.


"Your meditations have helped me come home to myself and realise my worth, power, and potential. They have helped me be more patient, compassionate, and grounded. And they have been the highlight of my day these past months."

Emmeline Bramble

Catherine introduces the 30 Day IN-Lightenment Practice


Are you ready to connect to your Intuition and Inner Wisdom in a new and powerful way?


Three of the questions I hear from my clients time and time again are:


  • How can I connect with my intuition?
  • How do I know it is my intuition and not just my imagination?
  • How can I trust it?


When you try to navigate life without an inner guidance system you are left feeling stressed, confused, overwhelmed and anxious.


BUT, if you connect to your Intuition and Inner Wisdom you have access to a deep font of knowledge and insight that can guide you on the right path.  If you are willing to listen!


Imagine being able to make decisions and life choices from a calm, soulful, in-lightened place.  How freeing and empowering would that feel?


So the answer to those 3 questions:
  • How can I connect with my intuition?
  • How do I know it is my intuition and not just my imagination?
  • How can I trust it?


Is…… Practice!


It’s like going to the spiritual gym.  If you go regularly, your intuition muscles get strong.


And that’s why I have created this 30 day practice.  To take you on a journey where you will learn to connect deeply with your Intuition, Inner Wisdom and Spirit Helpers so that you can feel supported and guided in life.


During the practices you will:

  • Connect deeply to all your senses
  • Meet your Inner Wisdom / Intuition
  • Meet the Ancestors who guide you
  • Experience Jaguar Medicine
  • Release old limiting beliefs about your intuition
  • Discover your hidden gifts
  • Connect to your magical child
  • Embody the elements
  • Expand your bio-circuitry bandwidth
  • Develop trust in your skills


The added BONUSES of doing this practice are that you will: 

  • Connect to your personal truth.
  • Reconnect to a sense of magic in your everyday life.
  • Discover that you are not doing any of this on your own (you have a team of Spiritual Helpers!)


You are in a beautiful co-creative relationship with Spirit, who is guiding you and nudging you every step of the way.


So if you are ready to connect to your inner guidance system, please click on the link below.


Price: €150

Ready To Connect Deeply To Your Intuition & Inner Wisdom? 


"I decided to take this course because I did not understand myself and I felt as if I did not live my own life. I'm still amazed at how it works, it's like magic. I discovered IMMENSELY important things for myself, maybe even the clue of understanding what's wrong in my life. I would say that this practice helps to literally look inside yourself and discover things that you never knew. And that it is creative and magical. And Catherine as a guide is wise and nurturing."

Anna Fedortsova

30 Day IN-Lightenment Practice

What's Included?

The IN-Lightenment Practice

Access to the 30 Day IN-Lightenment Practice classroom.

A daily practice each day for 30 days which includes an explanation of the practice, a guided mediation and integration exercises.

Support from Catherine via email if you have any questions regarding your daily practice.

3 months access to all the course materials.

A Unique Method

If you are new to meditating and inner work or if you would like to deepen your practice you will find a unique series of easy-to-follow guided practices that will:

Expand your bio-circuitry capacity (your ability to receive information).

Connect to your Inner Wisdom & Intuition and develop a strong relationship.

Meet your Spirit Helpers.

Build trust in the process and your own abilities.

Dissolve limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

Your IN-Lightenment Commitment

Approximately 15 - 20 minutes each day to do your daily guided IN-Lightenment practice.

An internet connection and a device on which to watch the daily guided meditation video.

A notebook / journal for writing down insights and guidance that you may receive.

An open and curious mind.



"Spending a moment each day for myself and being quiet helped balance me and gave me some peace from monkey chatter in my head and time to work on honing my instincts."

Sophie Heydel

Catherine Maguire


Catherine is a Soul Reader, Shaman and Author.  She is passionate about empowering people to connect to their own inner wisdom so that they can live authentic, harmonious and enchanted lives.


She has been teaching groups and working individually with clients for over 20 years. Her clients come from around the globe (Scandinavia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa and Russia).


Catherine is the author of the book Tending to your Inner Garden, A Woman’s Journey Towards Wholeness.  She was also the author and lecturer for the Energy Medicine course for the Mind Body Medicine Degree Program at Paramount College in Australia.


We live in challenging times but Catherine believes that the way through - is in.  If we can turn inwards and do the inner work necessary that allows us to come into harmony with ourselves, our fellow humans and the earth, we can be in-lightened conduits for change in the world.

"The practice allows you to uncover lost layers of remembering and integrating on all levels - puts you right back in touch with the scattered bits of your soul with love. Catherine is an authentic, deeply wise and caring soul and is committed to bringing through the light as a beautiful teacher who genuinely shares."

Lu Jones
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