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Weekly inspiration (every Wednesday) to help you to connect with and trust your own Inherent Wisdom.

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Uncertainty is a Super Power


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Our on-line courses and 1-2-1 mentoring sessions are designed to support your on your sacred journey home to your authentic self. 


Why IN-Lightenment not Enlightenment?

We are not about you seeking your truth from an external authority.  We are all about helping you to turn within to find your personal authentic truth.  To do this, we teach Inner Work. 


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'How to find your Centre in Today's Chaotic World'

"I needed to have greater clarity on how I could break down my vision in the clouds into little steps that did not seem so daunting to myself or those with whom I shared it. Working with Vincent was quite unlike anything I had tried before. I appreciated the fact that it did not solely emphasise on the external and purely logical aspect of things, but also made room for intuition and the spirit. Vincent’s no nonsense, but compassionate approach to self discovery and problem solving is intriguing and refreshing. A nice balance of heart and mind."

Zanetor Rawlings
Member of Parliament, Ghana

"Extraordinarily, for an online course, I feel held in compassion and caring each time I engage with it. I wouldn't have thought this possible in a 'remote' space."

Avril Erskine

"Catherine working with you is a delight and you have made facing some tough parts of myself so much easier because of your kind and loving nature.  I couldn't of wished to take the journey with a more gorgeous soul and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me home."

Simone Dyer

30 Day IN-Lightenment Practice

A 30 Day Practice for Connecting to and Trusting your Inner Wisdom, your Intuition and your Spirit Helpers in whole new ways.


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