We Teach Inner Work

"Extraordinarily, for an online course, I feel held in compassion and caring each time I engage with it. I wouldn't have thought this possible in a 'remote' space."

Avril Erskine

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Meditations and Resources for Inner Work.

As well as tools for helping you over come fear, self doubt and the inner critic so that you can Shine your Light in the world.


The Evolutionaries

4 week process of personal transformation where you'll get unstuck, move forward and access the courage you need to take flight.

Starts November 4th


"The combination of left and right brain insights is what sets this experience apart from other inner journeys I have taken. It's clarifying and empowering to understand the why (Vincent brings this element with his insightful teachings about the pysche), as well as be shown the how (Catherine's guided meditations and other powerful practices) as integrating parts of the whole. It brings everything together in a way that the heart and spirit welcome, but that the mind can accept and support. "

Sally Blake

Our Mission

At no other time have we needed creative sensitive souls like you to shine your light, bright. We call you Evolutionaries because your sensitivity and way of seeing the world differently can help us to evolve. 

We are passionate about supporting you and giving you the tools you need to overcome self-doubt, perfectionism, the inner critic and lack of confidence in yourself so that you can share your unique gifts with the world.

We do this through Inner Work.  We teach you powerful techniques from shamanism, energy medicine and consciousness so that you can Be Your Light.

Catherine Maguire & Vincent McMahon

Directors, IN-Lightenment School


30 Day IN-Lightenment Practice

A 30 Day Practice for Connecting to and Trusting your Inner Wisdom and your Intuition in a profoundly deep way.


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